Housed Spring Mount – 25 mm Deflection

Features and Benefits

  • Housed Spring Mount design provides horizontal stability, high loading capacity and protective spring enclosure
  • All mounts have external leveling arrangement, capable of compensating for full static deflection
  • Inner walls of lower casing have resilient rubber snubbers
  • Deflection is at rated load with 15% tolerance
  • All mounts have approximately 50% overload capacity
  • Mountings must be adjusted so that upper housing clears lower housing by at least 6 mm and not more than 12 mm
  • Application examples include: chiller, AHU’s, pumps, centrifugal I axial fans, condensing units, roof top packaged units, reciprocating compressors, DG sets, punch presses, drop hammers and floor pipe supports (normally at first few pipe support points leading from isolated equipment)
  • Springs powder coated
  • Designed to meet BS1726, class B.


Size Chart

Housed Spring Mount - 25 mm Deflection Size Chart