Inertia Base

Features and Benefits

  • Inertia Base is specially designed and engineered to pour concrete, which after curing is used as mechanical vibration isolated reinforced inertia base for the equipments
  • These Inertia Base are recommended to use under heavy start up and shut down vibration amplitude equipments such as generators, IC engines, large fans, centrifugal chillers etc.
  • Inertia Base made from standard structural channel or formed steel channel depend upon the design. It is used 12 mm reinforcement rod welded in 150 mm spacing for better concrete strength. Inertia Base is suplied with red oxide primer coating.
  • Diamond Walraven Vibration Isolator Spring Mount will be supplied together as per design.


Size Chart

Inertia Base Size Chart




Additional details

Base Thickness Chart

The length and width dimensions shown include the actual frame size and may not include the length and width of the bracket

Inertia Base Thickness Chart