The current modern construction has displayed the importance of the rooftop supports industry in terms of ensuring the health and longevity of roofs in new construction and renovations. Contractors and trading companies both value comprehensive solutions and a broad product selection. Rooftop Support Systems are intended to reduce roofing installation costs while also providing simple and quick assembly options. When it comes to the roof of a building or a house, the Rooftop Support System is the most important factor to consider because if the rooftop supports is not actually supporting the roof then it is compromising with the roof’s integrity. The Rooftop and Solar Fixing System mounts HVACR, electrical, plumbing, piping, ductwork, solar panels, eliminating the need for roof penetration. Of course, in a severe weather situation, the first priority is your health and safety, and your rooftop supports system may be the last thing on your mind. Rooftop Supports are used to support plumbing, gas pipes, and other important items that should not be allowed to lay directly on the roof membrane. Rooftop Support includes rooftop pipe and rooftop duct support, both of which are important components of Rooftop Support System. The Rooftop Supports Channel by Hira Walraven are designed to work together to create highly sustainable rooftop supports systems.

Rooftop Supports

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They are modular support systems for climate installations, solar panels, walkways, pipe work, cableways, etc. Our non-penetrating, WPC modular Rooftop Supports provide even weight distribution, are safe to install on any roof type, and help extend the life of your rooftop. Ursus Rooftop Pipe Foot Supports small pipework, cable trays, and duct support systems. Our high-quality Rooftop Supports are resistant to weather and UV rays, allowing them to perform well in a variety of environments. Yeti Rooftop Supports are ideal for flat rooftops and flat surfaces, saving time and money during installation. Yeti support system for rooftop installations include a non-slip anti-vibration mat for better weight distribution and reduced damage risk. Rooftop Solar Fixing System helps and support the solar panels that have been installed on the rooftop. Each Rooftop Support solution is custom-designed by our technical team to meet your requirements. Our modular Rooftop Support Solutions are built to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, ensuring the long-term integrity of your Rooftop System.


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