BIS RapidRail® Cantilever Arms (BUP1000)

Fixing to wall or ceiling

Features and Benefits

  • Wall plate with welded C-profile
  • Perfectly suitable for hanging to the ceiling
  • Slots at 90° to each other to simplify fixing
  • CO2 welded
  • Unique perforation on rail WM15, WM30 and rail WM35 allows for hanging on both sides
  • A continuous graduated centimeter scale on one side
  • Material: steel
  • Surface treatment:
    • Product is part of the BIS Ultra Protect® 1000 system
    • Suitable for in and outdoor applications
    • Stands min. 1.000 hours salt spray test (max. 5% red rust) according to ISO 9227
  • For more information about the max. allowed load (Fa,z) please refer to the loading tables.


Size Chart

BIS RapidRail® Cantilever Arms (BUP1000) Size Chart - Hira Walraven