BIS Fixpoint Console ‘Heavy’ (BUP1000)

For pipe ∅ ≥ 10″ (273,0mm

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for BISOFIX® Cold FixPoint Clamps (see E 05 03)
  • Flexible use console module for high forces (depending on the situation, detailed design by technical service)
  • It can be used as a pipe connection point in conjunction with 2 heavy-duty clamps type HD500 up to max. 229mm up to max. 564mm
  • Ideal as fix point for insulated pipes in combination with BIS Wooden Blocks and Clamps (Part No. B25X0XXX)
  • Tightening torque 120 Nm for the console fixing screws
  • Connection to the building is recommended with metal anchors M16
  • Infinitely adjustable height and inclination, high corrosion protection
  • Material: steel 1.0332
  • Surface protection:
    • Product is part of the BIS Ultra Protect® 1000 system
    • Suitable for in-and outdoor applications
    • Stands min. 1,000 hours salt spray test (max 5% red rust) according to ISO 9227.


Size Chart

BIS Fixpoint Console 'Heavy' (BUP1000) Size Chart