Pressure Temperature Test Plug - Hira Walraven

Pressure Temperature Test Plug

Features and Benefits

  • Test plugs provide an economical solution to installing pressure and temperature gauges in chilled water systems
  • The unique “Dual Core” design allows for the bottom seal to close, sealing the system before the probe is fully removed through the top core
  • Extensions allow the same test plug to be used for insulated pipe lines, as the core is always on top
  • Nylon retainer cap is supplied as an option
  • Construction Features
  • Full brass / stainless steel body
  • NNordel core
  • Technical Data
  • Pressure rated up to 1,000 PSI / 68 bar
  • Maximum temperature -350 °F / 175°C
  • Test kit is available which has a complete range of thermometers, pressure gauges and a gauge adaptor in a rugged case.


Size Chart

Pressure Temperature Test Plug Size Chart