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Works together with:

  • Production departments
  • Operations support
  • Planners
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Management team
  • Sourcing Europe
  • Product Marketing and Data


The Engineer ensures that the organization is provided with good quality and timely completed drawings and product specifications. This ensures the set-up and ‘continuous improvement of a group-wide standardization for the elaboration of product drawings and specifications.

Work areas and results to be achieved

  1. Product Data Management
    The Engineer takes care of the elaboration of product drawings and makes product specifications. He ensures that the product drawings and specifications are of the right quality and are completed on time. The applicable standards within Hira Walraven are also taken into account. The Engineer completes the Product Data Management system and keeps it up to date, so that all product drawings and specifications are available to the organization.

    Product drawings and product specifications are completed correctly and on time and are available to the organization.The database is up to date.

  2. Projects
    The Engineer supports or participates in projects related to the use of the Product Data Management system, the optimization or standardization of the drawing process within Hira Walraven, and the optimization of archiving.- Takes responsibility in his role as a project member

    Projects are finished within the planned time and registration is in order and available

  3. Innovation
    The Engineer contributes to the innovation of drawings/drawing techniques, for example, parametric drawing. Together with other Engineers, he takes care of the right consistency and optimization of the drawing process. The Engineer contributes to the standardization and use of the standards in drawings. There is a monitoring role in working according to this standardization.

    • Product drawings are set up parametrically where necessary, are realistic and accessible for production.
    • 3D models of product drawings are realistic and usable for production.
    • Applies European standards in product drawings and specifications.

Function Requirements

Post-secondary vocational education in technical direction.

Has knowledge of MS Dynamics 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Dynamics CRM).

Has knowledge of company-specific software like ERP and CRM.

  • Has knowledge of materials, raw materials and production processes.
  • Has knowledge of products and fields of application.
  • Has insight in the possibilities of PDM/PLM systems.


  • Must master the English language in speaking and writing.
  • Must have basic experience in working with SolidWorks 2017 (or newer).
  • CSWA level minimally.
  • Must have basic knowledge of 3D-Modelling design intent (feature tree management).
  • Must have basic experience with the creation and/or reading of Production Drawings.
  • Must have basic knowledge of CAD B.O.M. Management (Assemblies, Sub-assemblies).
  • Must have basic knowledge in constructional annotation (Correctly applying dimensions).
  • Dassault Systems 3D experience skills are an advantage.


The function is focused on making and elaborating product drawings and specifications. These can be simple, but also complex assignments. Occasionally participates in and leads projects in which the creation or setting up of standardization of drawings is central. Regularly deals with new aspects or innovations in the drawing process. Administrative tasks also occur. Communicates within the organization about the drawing process and the requirements for the products. Regularly switches between daily activities and/or projects.

Deals with his own time, taking deadlines and priorities into account. Is free in the approach of the work but is dependent on the drawing program in use and the general guidelines that apply within the organization. Suggests innovations in the drawing process and devises alternative solutions for drawing issues himself. Problem-solving requires initiative, knowledge, and experience. There is indirect supervision through consultation. Contacts with other departments or direct colleagues are aimed at coordination of the drawing work, the applicable standards, or solving problems.

Failure risk
Mistakes or negligence in the elaboration of drawings or the introduction of innovations in the drawing process can lead to loss of time, complaints, possible financial damage, or damage to the company’s image. Self-monitoring and supervision by the supervisor increase the chance of discovery. Strict confidentiality is required about all matters with which Hira Walraven is concerned and which could lead to damage by sharing information about them with third parties.

Physical aspects
Normal office conditions; works with telephone, computer, and printer. Does a lot of work sitting down. Because of this, the Employee has to deal with one-sided posture/eye strain due to prolonged computer screen work. Occasionally works in the production departments and can be bothered by noise and dirt.


  • Dubai (* Required)

Attaching a CV is mandatory. Candidates must have good communication and team handling skills. Available to join immediately and we look forward to receiving your application. If you want to discover more about Hira Walraven, take another look at our website www.hirawalraven.comYou can also send your resume at

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