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Flexible Pipe Connector (Brass Coupler)

Features and Benefits

  • Can be applied in combination with:
    • Inlet and outlet of fan coil units, air handling units, chillers and condensers
    • Air suction and discharge of pumps
    • Intervals in chilled water piping
  • Installation of Flexible Pipe Connectors is recommended to allow for axial pipe movement due to thermal expansion or contraction, thereby protecting the building structure from damaging stress. These connectors also help to isolate the low and high frequency vibrations transmitted through pipe walls
  • Allows for axial, angular and transverse pipe movements
  • The triangular flange design offers much better reliability, safety and convenience as compared to union type connectors
  • Unique pressurized steel wire strand for additional safety
  • Construction Features
    • Bellow: Neoprene (NBR and EPDM available on request)
    • Reinforcement: nylon cord fabric
    • Pressurized ring: steel wire strand
    • Flanges: forged steel, threaded to BS21 (NPT available on request); epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance; nuts and bolts electrogalvanized; floating triangular thread design
  • Technical Data
    • Maximum pressure: 250 PSI / 17 bar
    • Burst pressure: 650 PSI/ 45 bar
    • Temperature resistance: from -15 °C to +115 °C
    • Working media: water, compressed air, oil, weak acids I alkalines
    • Vacuum: 700 mm Hg
    • Standards: testing as per BS5150 : 1974.


Size Chart

Flexible Pipe Connector (Brass Coupler) Size Chart