A solid risk mitigation strategy against hazards surely diminishes the probability of risk to individuals and infrastructure while also reducing the cost of recovering from a disaster. Our recent poll on LinkedIn, ‘what is your risk mitigation strategy against seismic activity?’ gauged quite a few responses and opinions. However, the most preferred options were the following:

  • Awareness
  • Assessment of seismic activity
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What is your Risk Mitigation Strategy against Seismic Activity-Social Media Post 2

Earthquakes and other natural calamities are unavoidable and as a result we cannot stop mother nature when she is angry. Public awareness towards potential dangers should be fostered but is it enough? Analyzing and assessing the impact of seismic activity is a much more crucial step than just being aware of ways in which you can mitigate the risk.

Generally, when dealing with mitigation of seismic risk for constructions, the first step must be whether the intervention of upgrade should be undertaken or not on the building structure. If the answer is yes, the question of how to undertake the intervention needs to be addressed.

After an earthquake has hit, studying its impact on the shape of the building, and the preservation of architectural creativity as much as possible is the right way forward.

The tricky part of conducting risk analysis for standing structures is mainly the partial information on architectural and structural details. Accounting for uncertainties today is mandatory and would be unchallenging if seismic supports are installed during the construction phase itself to avoid unnecessary hazards and hassles after the devastation.

What is your Risk Mitigation Strategy against Seismic Activity - Seismic Support Products

The impact on MEP installations and equipment is massive, but it can be minimized. BIS Seismic Support products by Hira Walraven add extra rigidity against seismic forces with its easy and quick assembly features. For enhanced life safety and minimized damages, we bring in our expertise to offer smart solutions that add value and deliver efficiency.