Features and Benefits

  • Insulation shell with pipe clamp BIS Bifix® 300
  • For fixing of thermal isolated pipe of steel, copper or stainless steel
  • To be used in combination with hard insulation material
  • A vapour sealed connection with pipe insulation can easily be made by use of aluminium tape
  • When installing the pipe support, always align the contact areas of the insulation shells horizontally (to prevent tensile and pressure forces)
  • Size and specific weight are tuned to pipe weight
  • Material: clamp of steel; insulation shell made of PIR thermally hardening foam with a moisture proof outer covering of glass-fibre reinforced aluminium foil
  • Does not contain CFC, HCFC, formaldehyde or cadmium
  • Excellent thermal and mechanical properties
  • Clamp: zinc plated.


Size Chart

BISOFIX® PIR20/30 Size Chart - Hira Walraven