BIS Yeti® 335 Rooftop Supports System (BUP1000)

For Rooftop Installations

Features and Benefits

  • Modular supporting system for climate installations, solar panels, walkways, pipe work, cable ways, etc.
  • For flat roofs
  • For horizontal and vertical applications
  • 360° rotatable insert for BIS RapidStrut® 41×41 or BIS RapidStrut® DS 5 (41X52 mm)
  • With non-slip anti-vibration mat
  • Mouldings made of WPC, a composite of recycled plastic and wood fibre
  • Resistant to UV and chemical influences
  • BIS Yeti 335 H-set consisting of:
    • 2 x BIS Yeti® 335 including non-slip anti-vibration mat (made of rubber)
    • 2 x BIS Strut Rail End Cap
    • 2 x BIS Strut Connector 90°
    • 6 x hexagon head bolts and slide nuts.


Size Chart

BIS Yeti® 335 Support System (BUP1000) Size Chart