BIS RapidStrut® Fixing Rail DS 5 (BUP1000)

Suspension and support

Features and Benefits

  • For a quick and easy fixing
  • Unique hole pattern, allowing BIS RapidStrut® Accessories to be mounted on both sides of the rail
  • Very high corrosion resistance (BIS UltraProtect® 1000)
  • Corrosion protection remains intact after cutting
  • Strength minimal equal to Strut 41x41x2.5 mm
  • With continuous perforation
  • Distance between rail end and first hole is always equal
  • A continuous graduated centimeter scale on one side
  • Material: steel 1.0242
  • Surface protection:
    • Product is part of the BIS UltraProtect® 1000 system
    • Suitable for in- and outdoor applications
    • Stands min. 1,000 hours salt spray test (max. 5% red rust) according to ISO 9227.



Size Chart

BIS RapidStrut® Fixing Rail DS 5 (BUP1000) Size Chart

Technical Details