BIS RapidStrut® Ball Swivel Hangers

Fixing to Strut Rail

Features and Benefits

  • Slide nut with ball swivel hanger, washer and BIS RapidStrut® spring
  • Recommended for metal pipes up to DN 50, plastic pipes up to DN 100
  • Ready-to-use pre-assembled for a quick fixing, and retains assembly in place before final tightening
  • With inspection hole to check screw-in depth (attention: when the threaded rod is screwed-in too deep, the ball swivel is blocked)
  • Screw-in depth is continuously variable (see LU)
  • Material: metal parts made of steel 1.0332; spring(s) made of POM (polyoxymethylene), green
  • Zinc plated.


Size Chart

BIS RapidStrut® Ball Swivel Hangers Size Chart
Please note: Always use 2 ball swivel hangers (see application picture). The maximum length change that con be dealt with, depends on the fixing distance (ceiling – pipe). The height difference that occurs as a result, needs to be taken into consideration. To be used in combination with BIS Boll Swivel Hangers. Product can be found on page E 1005.


Technical Details