BIS Heavy Duty Clamp HD500 M16

BIS Heavy Duty Clamp HD500 (BUP1000)

for steel pipes Ø 217 – 509 mm

Features and Benefits
■ two-part clamp with two locking bolts
■ heavy design
■ bolts secured with anti-loss washer
■ with CO2 welded connection nut
■ material: steel
■ also available: noise insulating lining of
silicone rubber (reddish brown), heat
resistant up to +200 °C (A 35 15)
■ surface protection:
■ product is part of the BIS
1000 system
■ suitable for in- and outdoor
■ stands min. 1,000 hours salt spray
test (max. 5% red rust) according to
ISO 9227
■ tested for fire safety


Size Chart

BIS Heavy Duty Clamp HD500 M16 Sizechart


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